CASCA 2018 will feature several lunch sessions generously hosted by the institutions or research groups shown below.  All attendees are urged to attend the plenary Town Hall Lunch.

So that we can arrange for an appropriate number of ‘brown bag’ lunches for each of these sessions please indicate which lunch sessions you plan to attend when you register.  We ask that if you do not register for a particular session that you do not partake in a complimentary lunch.

Lunch SessionSponsor
CASCA Town Hall MeetingACURA
Gemini LunchGemini and NRC
CITA AGM (by invitation only)CITA

An additional special session on “A National Centre for Optical-Infrared Astronomy” will take place late in the day on Thursday, 24 May. This will consist of a presentation and open discussion of the creation of a new US centre for OIR astronomy, which has broad potential opportunities for Canadian astronomers interested in TMT, GMT, LSST, Gemini, MSE, data-intensive astronomy, time-domain astronomy, etc.