Conférenciers invités pour les sessions scientifiques

Pauline BarmbyWestern UniversityBig data in (little) galaxies: what can astroinformatics do for you?
Pat CôtéNRC HerzbergCASTOR: A Flagship Canadian Space Telescope
Christophe Dumas and Gary SandersTMTThe Thirty-Meter-Telescope: Science and Project Perspective
Greg FahlmanNRC HerzbergCanadian Astronomy: A look Back to the Future
Falk HerwigUniversity of VictoriaLarge-scale simulations of stars and the challenges of the cyber world
Renée HložekDunlap InstituteConcordance Cosmology (and Canada!)
Stéphanie JuneauNOAOThe Influence of Giant Black Holes on the Fate of Galaxies
Michael LandryCaltechObservations of gravitational waves from binary coalescence
Sam LawlerNRC HerzbergThe Architecture of Planetary Systems
Els PeetersWestern UniversityThe photochemical evolution of the interstellar PAH family with JWST: the JWST-ERS program on Photo-dissociation Regions
Leslie RogersUniversity of ChicagoJourney to the Center of the Super-Earth
Richard ShawUBCProbing Dark Energy with CHIME
Julie SteffenDirector of Publishing, AASPublishing in AAS Journals
Nicole St. LouisUniversité de MontréalUsing Sitelle to learn about the evolution of massive stars

Conférencers du centenaire

Roberto (Bob) AbrahamUniversity of TorontoPresident’s Message
Peter BroughtonJohn Stanley Plaskett - Northern Star
Ray CarlbergUniversity of TorontoThe First University Astronomy: Contributions of the DDO and UTSO
Dennis CrabtreeNRC HerzbergThe Dynamics of the Milky Way and Other Highlights from the First 100 Years of the DAO
Matt DobbsMcGill UniversityInnovative Technologies in Radio Astronomy
René DoyonUniversité de MontréalThe OMM and Domestic Telescopes as Innovation Testbeds
Greg FahlmanNRC HerzbergCFHT - Canadian Astronomy at the Top of the World
Laura FerrareseGemini Observatory and NRC HerzbergGemini - Access to Both Hemispheres
John HutchingsNRC HerzbergCanada’s Place in Space Astronomy
Helen KirkNRC HerzbergThe Move to Higher Frequencies - Contributions of the JCMT
Ue-Li PenCITACITA: A Pillar of the Canadian Astronomical Community
Tim RobishawNRC HerzbergDRAO and ARO - The Foundations of Canadian Radio Astronomy
David SchadeNRC HerzbergCADC: Data, Data, Data!
Luc SimardNRC HerzbergInstrumentation as the Gateway to Great Science
Rob ThackerSaint Mary's UniversityFoundations of Canadian Theoretical Astronomy
Christine WilsonMcMaster UniversityALMA - Canada in the first "World Observatory"

Conférences sur l’éducation et la sensibilisation du public (ESP)

Elder Dr. Barney Williams
Dr. Nick ClaxtonUniversity of Victoria
Code de conduite
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